Thank you for visiting our photography collection!

I’ve been working as a full time photographer in the twin cities for four years. I studied photography in college as part of my degree in visual arts and psychology. I think you become a photographer when you feel the anguish of not having a camera handy when you see the perfect shot. Everything after that is a pursuit of not missing those moments!

My approach to photography is to be fully present in the moment, so our images capture real emotional connections.  I’m an enthusiastic DIYer with a strong nerd streak.  I grew up and went to college in the Chicago area, with interludes out west and abroad before finding my way up north.  

My husband and I work as a team for wedding coverage.  Tony, when he’s not hauling heavy camera bags, is a school psychologist.  He also has an artful eye from painting and a romantic nature that makes him a wonderful assistant photographer, too!

We live in Hudson with our wirehaired dachshund who helps us scout the parks for the perfect photos spots!  You’ll also find us around town working in coffee shops, trying a new brewery, and poking around antique stores.

We look forward to connecting with you! Stephie & Tony